Saturdays and Sundays

Breakfast offerings served 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM. Lunch offerings served from Noon to 4:00 PM.




Healthy red flannel hash   10

roasted beets and potatoes, carrots, asparagus, onions, arugula, poached egg and horseradish cream. |  GF

Campers breakfast Hash   12

bacon, andouille sausage, onions, tomatoes, roasted potatoes, peppers, mustard greens, sunny side egg, gouda cheese sauce |  GF

Farm breakfast   10

bacon or ham, choice of eggs, toast or flapjack/lemon ricotta pancake add 2

Breakfast burger   14

local beef, local cheddar, soft egg, bacon-apple jam, north sauce, house-made quick pickles, lettuce,


Lemon ricotta pancakes   9

two lemon zest, ricotta, almond flour served with maple syrup | GF

Flap jacks   8

giant buttermilk pancakes served with maple syrup. Add  seasonal fruit  3 chocolate chips  2

Boozy French toast   11

three slices, grand marnier, bourbon caramel sauce

Gluten free boozy French toast   12

three slices, grand marnier, bourbon caramel sauce |  GF

Giant cinnamon roll   8

warm,  frosted, shareable


Ham Steak   5


Thick Cut Bacon   4

three strips



Fried Potatoes   3


One Egg   2


Toast   2


Fruit cup  4


Cabin Salad   5








Croque de Paul   13

ham, apples, shallots, thick brioche bread, cheddar cheese, grain mustard, with a sunny side egg

Salmon benedict   13

cedar plank salmon, arugula, poached egg, pumpernickel, charred citrus hollandaise, fruit or cabin salad

Thirty bales benedict   11

ham, poached egg, english muffin, charred citrus hollandaise, fruit or cabin salad

garden frittata    13

Roasted tomato, spinach, goat cheese, with lemon watercress salad

Farmers Omelet   11

pulled pork, bacon, gouda, roasted pepper, paprika aioli

Organic Oats & Bagels

Carrot cake Oatmeal bake   7

currants, carrots, organic oats  |  GF

Yogurt Parfait   7

greek plain yogurt, seasonal fruit, house-made granola  |  GF

Mainstreet bagel    5

bagel with cream cheese, basil, chive, rosemary, mint, and olive oil 

Plain bagel    4

bagel with cream cheese






regular or decaf

TEA   2.75

assorted hot teas & iced black tea

ESPRESSO   1.75/2.50






Cow, soy, or coconut milk  3


Juice or juice blend   3

orange, pineapple, grapefruit, cranberry



Soups & Salads

BEET SALAD . . . 12

fennel dusted warm local goat cheese, roasted beets, cucumber, arugula, salted walnuts, house-made ginger balsamic vinaigrette | GF, VG

seasonal FARMER'S MARKET salad . . . 11

greens, grains, variety of seasonal veggies, local cheese, sunflower seeds, house-made raspberry ranch | VG

Mainstreet Caesar . . . 10

romaine, local parmesan, toasted garlic pumpernickel, pickled cranberries, soft egg, house-made lemon-caper dressing | VG

Blue Ox Wedge . . . 11

iceberg, local blue cheese, maple bacon, hay bale onions , house-made tomato-shallot dressing 

Spruce Up Your Salad 

Hay Roasted Chicken … 6   
Cedar Planked Salmon … 8
Grilled Steak … 10       
IPA Slow Braised Pork … 6
Hay Roasted Mushrooms … 2
Boqueron Anchovy … 2

Tomato Root Soup . . . 5/8

root vegetables, coconut milk, popped sorghum | GF, VG

soup of the day . . . 5/8

made daily from scratch. Enjoy!


Mushroom Dip . . . 12

hay roasted mushrooms, swiss cheese, cranberry horseradish sauce, toasted longhorn roll, mushroom jus | VG

Cedar Planked Salmon Salad  . . . 15

asparagus, onions, radish, arugula,  house-made lemon-caper dressing, open-face on grilled pumpernickel

Spicy Chicken . . . 13

buttermilk fried chicken breast, hot sauce, house-made quick pickles, lettuce, toasted ciabatta roll 

ipA Slow Braised Pork . . . 13

bbq aioli, caramelized onions, provolone & cheddar, open-face on grilled pumpernickel

Bale Burger . . . 14

local beef, local cheddar, bacon-apple jam, north sauce, house-made quick pickles, lettuce, grilled longhorn roll

Big Blue Bacon Burger . . . 14

local beef, local blue cheese, thick cut bacon on grilled ciabatta roll. Spice It Up: Cajun seasoning added upon request

The Classic Burger . . . 13

local beef, local cheddar, lettuce, quick pickles, grilled ciabatta roll

Plain burger . . . 11

 local beef, lettuce, quick pickles, grilled ciabatta roll

All sandwiches come with house pickle chips and choice of fries or cabin salad or cup of soup for additional $2