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Our Story


Spirited Midwestern Flavors

Thirty Bales is a celebration of everything Midwestern cuisine has to offer. We're an upbeat neighborhood restaurant bringing together bright personalities, bold recipes, clean ingredients and craft spirits and playing with the flavors that make the Midwest a place unlike any other.

If you're curious about our name, it comes from the legend of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. As the story goes, Babe had an appetite as big as Bunyan himself and is rumored to have eaten 30 bales of hay a day.

Like our restaurant's big blue spirit animal, we're a pack of people that lives to eat and drink. We're endlessly in love with the Midwest and its connection to seasonal ingredients grown close to home. It's what inspires our menu and our team. And it's what inspires us as we tell our own story with the flavors and spirits of the Midwest.


Lead Staff   

David Gausman
Executive Chef

Alex Huntress

Tom Hutsell

Todd Dupont



Beth Fisher
Food & Beverage Development

Caroline Glawe
Food & Beverage Development

Dan Kaveney
"Hay Bale Table"


Victor Jones
Project Lead

Jean Curtiss
Project Manager

Joshua P. Ferguson
Vanessa McKenzie
Grace Molteni
Branding & Design Consultants



Our Recipe for General Good Times


These are the values that makes Thirty Bales what it is.

Fresh Takes on Regional Classics, Handmade for You.
Cooking up our feel-good fare is a labor of love. It's all about fresh ingredients and a few surprises, handcrafted with a distinctly Midwest state of mind.

Saying We're a Spirited Bunch Sells Us Short.
At Thirty Bales, we celebrate flavors and frivolity in equal measure and we don't mind if it shows.

Clean. Craft. Comfort. The Words We Live By.
We get serious about what we serve—sourcing locally whenever we can, showcasing quality always and making sure your time with us is a good one.



Shout Out to Our Local Vendors


The Midwest (and Thirty Bales) wouldn't be what it is without our local vendors.

Revier Cattle Company | Olivia
Going back three generations of cattle ranchers, this family provides our sustainable, black angus, HTLC, 90% Prime and Choice beef, free-range grazing on a healthy amount of Minnesota grass, finished with corn and protein blends.

Mrs. Pork | Glencoe
Where we get our certified all-natural Duroc Pork, chemical free and hormone free.

Gerber's Amish Farm Poultry | Kidron, Ohio
Chicken raised the right way: cage free, vegetarian diet, no additives or antibiotics.

The Fish Guys St. Louis Park
Our local fish mongers provide all our salmon and walleye, caught fresh, packed on ice and flown in daily—never, ever frozen.

Swanson Meats | Minneapolis
Meat and Poultry Distributor supplying the finest local sustainable proteins since 1962. Ensuring all cattle is fabricated to the desired cut daily, storing in an organic controlled temp environment for no more than 48 hours for all fresh and local product.

Tiny Footprint Coffee | Brooklyn Center
Aside from roasting up beans that make for a mean cup of coffee, Tiny Footprint Coffee is one of the only roasters around that can say it's carbon negative, replanting trees to offset it's operations.

Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream | Minneapolis
In business since 1994,  Sebastian Joe's is all natural, made fresh daily, and one of only two items in our freezer. And it won't be there long. To ensure freshness from the date churned, it arrives to us daily.

Mainstreet Bakery | Edina
All our bread arrives fresh, baked daily—including our flourless chocolate truffle torte. We're no slouches when it comes to making dessert, but when it comes to our torte this one is hard to pass up.